Have you ever caught yourself always telling your kids no?  I think it can become an automatic response if we aren’t careful.  Our kids are constantly asking for things and to do things.  We almost become conditioned.  Is no a response anyone likes?  Absolutely not. Kids and even adults can become very good at circumventing a no, even to the point of lying and deceit.  There are times that no is the appropriate response, but I am learning that it tends to be better received when there is trust between you as a parent and your child. Unfortunately this trust is difficult to have if we always say no.  A few tricks I have learned is if it doesn’t really matter and you don’t have a reason to say no….say yes.  Yes brings happiness for sure.  Sometimes it may be giving them a choice.  What a great way to build good decision making skills by making choices.  For example, if they want to have treats at a movie say we can do that or we can go for treats after at Cold Stone.  Makimg good decisions is a habit and good habits like most things are developed by practice.  A third option is to let them buy in.  The way I do this is they ask to go to the movies.  Okay I have no reason to say no but I need something done.  My response is yes but first I need you to take the dog for a walk or can you do the dishes first?  They have a choice, if the refuse they are saying no to themselves.  This is a great choice as well as you get some help around the house and they learn sometimes there is a cost to things.  I love to say yes as much as possible.  I also have picked up a little trick to hold myself to a higher standard as Mom.  If I say no I try to offer up a reason.  Often it leads to a great discussion.  I believe kids learn more and are more accepting of the occasional no, especially accompanied by a valid reason vs because or I said so.  Our kids are learning at light speed.  Don’t cut corners on the absolute greatest investment in our lives.  ❤️


So I have a 16 year old son that is dating, very handsome, and likes girls and they like him. Caught him a few times with naughty texts and other messages as well as in a few compromising situations with girls. Do you say nothing? Try and correct behavior? Or what?