Schizophrenic Weather

April always brings interesting weather to Zion.  Sunny but cold.  Rain, rain, and more rain.  The microburst of wind and weekend after weekend of wanting to do yard work but you have bad weather only to turn beautiful on Sunday.  Winter does not want to let go, it is the most Schizophrenic time of the year without a doubt.  April is almost over so with May comes real Spring.  I am excited.  

April not only brings an adventure in weather but also a couple of fun events.  This past week I was in Park City again.  This was a hard week to get away.  Three kids came down sick and as a mom it is very difficult to leave your family sick.  I made lists for Keith of what to give them and stocked the house with juices, Gatorade and soups.  They survived and other than a few missed days of school by Friday they were back among the living.  Essential Oils, Gatorade, rest and Priesthood blessings are the thing.  

I arrived Tuesday evening and was so tired from being up late with the kids the night before that I just crashed.  Wednesday I had been asked to come speak on what a client really wants and booking the next event.  They had a nice lunch for us after and then off to event prep that afternoon.  A couple of highlights from this event I really enjoyed,  Thursday night we had a super hero themed costume party.  There were about 200 guests so lots of heroes and villians.  I went as Harley Quinn and even had my bat.  It was just a fun social and some great prizes for some awesome costumes.  The winners were Thor, Spider-Man and Captain Kirk.  The other highlight was on Friday night.  It was a free night but the Jazz were playing Game 6.  So anyone that wanted to watch the game we had the screen up and rootbeer floats and Jazz tees for everyone that came.  It was a great game until the very end when they lost!  We had about 100 peeps and we had a blast!  Saturday morning we had breakfast and the last session before wrapping at 11:30.  Anothet successful event in the books.  Grabbed lunch with the CEO and hit the road by 1:30.  It was so great to be home.  The kids made tacos for dinner and we caught up over smoothies.  The cat got scratches from me before bed and was purring like crazy and the dog just wanted to cuddle.  I got welcome home sex from Keith lol.  It was a good homecoming.  Monday is a girls trip to Cape Cod.  Early flight to SLC where I’ll meet up with Mandy and Sara.  One take-away from this week that really impressed me was the reminder to be in the moment.  Where you are at and what you are doing is where the action is.  Make the most of your real time moments.  Everything else is happy to wait for you.  ❤️

Sundance Film Festival 

This year we decided to host a few parties ourselves for clients, friends, and family.  I have done some events at the Sundance Film Festival for others in the past but never one for us.  It has been sooooooo fun.  Arrived Monday after braving the trek down from Idaho.  Mostly good roads but some bad weather. Stayed at the property Monday night by ourselves.  This place is HUGE!  Enjoyed some time in the hot tub and the insanely awesome home theater.  Slept in Tuesday and after some breakfast and errands Mandy arrived.  Caterers arrived about 2 hours before and by 6 we had a steady flow of guests until about 11, then everyone finally left about 1 am.  We expected a big turnout but 400 in a night was a busy night.  I think we were all exhausted from playing social butterflies.  We had a 7 and 9 pm movie in the theater running as it was a film festival.  Lots of finger foods, some we ran out of, but fortunately we had enough food to get through the night. We did not serve alcohol but everyone seemed to have fun. After some clean up and 1 am we crashed.  Mandy slept with us but too tired for any play.  I woke up and thought it was Thursday until later in the morning.  It was a total shock and relief to realize it was Wednesday.  I was already mentally preparing to do the second event that night.  We hit Kneaders for breakfast and went back and had a nap.  Wednesday afternoon we had our Sundance fun which included Pizza on Main Street, a movie, concert and some dancing.  I love to dance.  Ended up back at the property and Keith got quite the show.  Mandy and I were having a very hard time keeping our hands off each other.  Behind closed doors it was a surrender to Lust.  OMG she tastes good!  So here I am at 5:30 am on the real Thursday.  Several incredible orgasms last night.  I am pondering being selfish and waking her up….    

What is ahead?  Another party tonight and tomorrow and then Saturday, a day of fun with friends and family.  I think Saturday most are planning skiing.  This property is a Ski-in/Ski-out home.  I’m tempted to ski but most likely will sit out still. We are both excited  to see our kids.  Friday and Saturday will be so much fun.  A few of the group will go to the BYU game Saturday night.  I may slip away for that.  Sunday morning we will be up early and head home. Next week I am going to relax :). 

Halloween Bash

It was a monster mash!  Some of you may already know of last nights neighborhood festivities but here is a brief recap.  A bit morbid but what else would you expect from an event planner!  We had the Hearst parked in the driveway and the coffin in the garage with a skeleton in it.  Was totally awesome!  A local sign company make us a bunch of tombstones and we had everyone use a marker to write  their name and the year they will die on them.  They then got to place it in the yard before coming into the Haunted Homestead.  If you did this you got a raffle ticket.  We had a big jar there where you could make a donation to our chosen charity for the night and they matched it.  What an incredible sponsor.  If you donated you got a raffle ticket.  ❤️  

We had orange lights in all the outside lights so the Homestead was impossible to miss.  As you entered you passed through the twilight zone and the black lights.  The kids and many adults loved this.  Refreshments included scones and hot chocolate, Scotcheroos, so much candy…I am embarrassed to say.  Subs, potatoe salad, fruit salad and the best of all a couldron of homemade rootbeer with dry ice.  Some of the kids were afraid to drink it cause they overheard me refer to is as my poisonous concoction for the children.  Ha ha.  I was an evil witch you know?!  

We had 3 stages of the party.  Each got a bit creepier and darker as the night progressed.  First stage we taught everyone how to dance to the Thriller….ha ha ha.  If you did you got a raffle ticket.  We also had a wizard there doing dark magic.  I love magic and so did my victims.  The wizard was a master.  We did our first round of drawings for the giveaways at 9 pm.  Then we had some story tellers come and tell some crazy ghost stories.  Honestly that was insane.  They weren’t slasher type stories but OMG.  We then lit Luminary bags and had a visitor from beyond the grave do another round of giveaways.  If you lit a Luminary you got a raffle ticket.  

At 11:30 we then had a short stint of fireworks but unfortunately the police showed up.  His blue and red lights were flashing and he even hit us with a siren burst to get our attention.  As if we didnt already know he was there.  He did not seem to be in the Halloween mood.  He said there were complaints.  I looked around and was like who?  Everyone is here.  Suddenly there was a blood curdling scream.  Everyone froze.  There on the floor of my kitchen my BFF lay in a pool of blood.  I ran to Mandy and she was trying to tell me who did it but she died in my arms!  Her life force slipped away.  A few guests pointed at my husband and said he did it.  I said no that wasn’t possible.  The officer told Keith to put his hands on the counter and he then cuffed him.  I kept saying it wasn’t possible and someone please help us discover who the real killer was.  Then my helpers passed out clues and we began our hour of who done it!  Lol.  We still had like 70 people there and this was midnight.  Ha Keith was a good sport staying in the handcuffs.  I cannot reveal here who was the real killer.  Maybe if you know the Key Word I’ll share 😇  If you played you got a raffle ticket.  

At 1 we did the big reveal.  Keith was freed.  The real killer apprehended.  We were lucky we had the coffin and morticians.  Mandy couldn’t stay dead on my kitchen floor forever.  The big giveaway for the night was a 3 day trip to Bear Lake this Spring.  

I love to do parties.  It brings such joy to hear people scream and laugh.  We even had a fair share of teens which you know your doing it right when they want to come.  A couple of links below of some of our music selections.  We raised a fair share of money we donated to the funeral home to be used for families in need of some financial assistance.  My heart is full today because of the generosity of friends.  ❤️👻😇

Cry Little Sister
Monster Mash 

Oh and guess what?  Utah lost last night!  A perfect day.  Happy Halloween!  Bwahaha

New Years Fun

So last night we had friends over and played games until about 11 while the kids watched movies. Then watched old music videos on YouTube. The votes for the best music videos of our youth were Duran Duran Rio and Van Halen Hot for Teacher. Girls voted for the first the boys the second. Mandy brought over these kray paper lanterns you light the fuel slab and they go into the sky after enough hot air fills them up. They were like 3-4 feet tall and different colors and shapes. Mine was pink. So we all went outside and braved the cold and froze waiting for our lanterns to launch. We had 14 total so it was colorful. It was so beautiful and you could see them forever and they went so high. Neighbors outside shooting fireworks came over to watch what we were doing because we are cool like that :). Anyway after they flew away we ran inside to get warm and have hot chocolate. Then everyone left and Keith and I had our first sex of 2015. It was sleepy sex but I slept great after. So overall a great night! I would give it a 9.5 out of 10. The too cold cost it .5. This morning got up at 6 went back to sleep now up again and making a monster breakfast. I will be spending all day in my
Jammies. Wishing you all a Happy and Blessed New Year.