Christmas Shopping List 

This is our Christmas shopping list for the kids.  

  1. Something to wear 
  2. Something to share
  3. Something to read
  4. Something for play
  5. Something just because 

We don’t do a lot.  We have found it allows us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.  We go caroling, make treats, laugh…a lot, watch old movies, whatever we spend we spend double to the Bishop for others.  God lives and may the spirit of peace find so many this season that are suffering.  Merry Christmas to all as the season is here again.  


Summer is always an adventure.  Mine has been a very full one with so many memories.  A new journey is almost upon us.  Is it really almost time?  I think there is a some moments when you pause and think seriously now?!  Are we really doing this?  Grateful the family is all onboard.  Hard to move with a mutiny.  Appreciative for friends that distance doesn’t matter.  Most of all comforted by that still small voice that has brought such peace to our hearts that we are going where we are supposed to be.  You know amid the turbulence of life, calm waters bring peace.  The best treasures are shared.  Joy overflows because we celebrate together.  

True Religion 

Is Love.  Charity or the Pure Love of Christ endureth forever.  We are taught the first principles of the gospel are faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and repentance of our sins.  Faith and Repentance lead us to hope and forgiveness.  Of us we are required to forgive all men including ourselves.  To have love in our hearts we have to shed ourselves of shame, guilt, hatred, and bitterness.  Forgiveness isn’t easy.  It takes effort and a willingness and prayer and commitment.  We learn to forgive by excercising faith and repentance.  I believe kindness and empathy would heal many wounds and broken hearts in the world.  Wars would cease, pride would be checked, and miracles would of be wrought.  The journey doesn’t end at repentance it only begins anew with hope.  Seek the best gift.  The gift that is eternal and saves us.  Love.