Okay okay I have calmed down.  The Doctor and I had an argument.  I feel I am ready to go home he doesn’t agree.  I mean I was nice just had a slightly elevated voice.  I could tell he was getting a little flustered and thought lets tone it down so I offered him a hug and we agreed, one more night.  I told him to heal me because I had church on Sunday.  I have this one nurse.  She is really cool and we have agreed to be friends.  She isn’t in as much of a hurry as the others.  I was glad to see her again today as she will stick around and chat.  It is dreadfully boring here so I like having a friend.  I have started to plot my escape if the doctor doesn’t agree to release me.  I even offered her money to help.  She politely declined and said she was confident I would be better as I had already improved drastically.  So I think I’m going home tomorrow without a fuss.  I have things to do and people to see.  I’m about to take a shower and my visiting teachers are coming soon.  I had jello today and plan on some more.  It has been a day.  I’m hungry.