Hawaii 2.0

Such a fun week!  Arrived Monday afternoon and after meeting up with my colleague we had a business lunch at Dukes!  Such a great place to eat and Waikiki is a beautiful beach.  I got tee shirts for everyone, they will be thrilled!  So much history at Dukes, go if you get the chance.  I was pretty wiped out from the flight so we went back to their place and lounged around all afternoon by the pool and caught up.  Tuesday we had business until mid afternoon then more pool time.  I saw Kailua Bay for the first time and the North Shore again.  It’s shocking a place can be so perfect.  Her hubby grilled kabobs and veggies for dinner and it was YUMMY!  No rain despite the forecast, just 70s and clouds.  Wednesday we were up early and on a flight to Kauai.  Business I won’t bore you with but the drive up the coast was so pretty.  Stayed at the Westin Resort.  The rain didn’t come as predicted again :).  We took advantage of the spa and had scheduled hot rock massages then enjoyed some time in the wet sauna.  I was like so relaxed.  Dinner included a virgin margarita and a flash of pineapple juice with short ribs and shrimp.  No words can be uttered to express the sheer perfection of that food.  My taste buds are still happy.  I didn’t wake up at 4 am on Wednesday so I consider it a huge victory.  Thursday started out with a run and then I will tell you straight up the breakfast buffet would blow your mind.  I ate so much.  I had a waffle, an omelette, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, fruit plus hot chocolate, milk, OJ and pineapple juice to drink.  I was so full!   Thursday we had a flight to Maui with a short stop in Oahu on the way.  The rain came after I left in Kauai all day but we only had about an hour of rain in Maui.  Got our business done and spent a short time at the pool.  Mid 60s and cloudy but enjoyed some snacks and the hot tub.  Got hit on but flashed our rings lol.  The Westin Resort on Maui had an awesome performance with fire dancers and about two hours of entertainment.  The Luau was so delicious.  Taste buds were again very happy.  We had soooo much fun.  I am finally sleeping till my alarm goes off.  Today I even hit snooze and waited till 6:30 to get up.  This morning we had 90 minute hot rock massages scheduled.  After the massages we went to the breakfast buffet where I am writing this post.  I love breakfast buffets at resorts, they are over the top.  Trying to not eat so much today.  After we get back to Oahu we are going to meet up for a date.  I am so excited to see Jack and Chip.  I really am hoping they remember me lol.  I don’t even know why it really matters but we had so much fun last time.  It would just be fun to think they do I guess.  I have told my friend so much about them.  She lives here and has never swam with dolphins.  I couldn’t believe it.  So today we live fully.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  I am headed back to the mainland tomorrow.  Business was good, the food was better, the massages were heavenly but I believe the dolphins will take the prize.  😇 


I am awake at 5:13 am and it has been thundering and now a down pour of rain.  I love the sound of rain.  So calming and peaceful at times.  Other times frightening when the thunder is close and thunderous coupled with the flash of lightning.  Our lives tend to be a bit like the weather.  We can generally forecast a bit and sometimes we are right.  Weather tends to be very unpredictable, often full of surprises.  I think it is a good thing most days.  Would we really want life to have no challenges or surprises?  I think as long as we aren’t creating problems for ourselves it is in our nature to cope with the unpredictability that comes our way.  Even with the thunder and lightning rain still is calming.  It’s amazing to me as I listen that its influence is greater than that of the thunder.  Thunder roars then fades into the falling rain.  Our lives just like the weather will bring unpredictability, which is truly a gift from above.  

Girls Camp

Well it’s beautiful here in the mountains.  I’m so excited I think it’s been about 12 years since I last spent a week at a Girls Camp.  I was pregnant then with our third.  It’s been so fun spending time with the girls.  They are so sweet.  I do wish the rain would stop.  Mostly we have had little bursts or light drizzle when it’s rained but it has stopped, sun came out, and it warmed up.  Today however it’s rained since before we woke up.  So anyway true adventure.  It’s why we go right?  🙂  Not too long left.