Today is a special day.  Keith and his business partner completed a successful exit of one of their business ventures.  It has taken a few months to complete the sale but today it funded and it is done.  I am proud of his hard work and it is even more special as we are back in Park City for New Years weekend with our best friends in the whole world.  We decided this year to spend New Years at the Casa, here in Park City, with our families.  Because of this big event in our lives we decided to go big and dine out, kids and all.  Ruth Chris for 16 of us, with four courses including appetizers, desserts, soda, lemonade or non-alcoholic drinks.  With a big family when we go out we never order appetizers or desserts.  If we do we share the desserts.  Waters usually as our drinks because you know we are being thrifty lol.  We can do Texas Road House with 6 of us for under $75 since it’s one of our favorite places we have the routine down.  Tonight we dine like we are rich.  No kids sharing a meal.  Everyone gets dessert and we are leaving a big tip if they deserve it.  We probably will never splurge like this again but it is a celebration.  I can’t believe it is finally done.  Kind of a surreal feeling that this chapter in our book of life is over.  Keith you did good!  ❤


Let me first say I am not a baseball fan.  However, I have many friends that are Chicago Cubs fans.  When they were down 3-1 and facing elimination last week a few of them came to me and asked for help. I’m sort of known as a luck charm and often the team I am cheering for in a big game, accompanied by certain Pagan rituals, ends up winning.  Admittedly it’s not 100%, so I don’t want to imply I can guarantee a win, but it’s like a very high probability especially in a big game.  I guess I just tap into the universes good vibes or something.  Anyway, my friends being superstitious and all asked for help.  I was offered dinner anywhere I wanted if the Cubs won so I accepted.  I did some research and found out abote the Curse.  Crazy Goat Curse and all.  I knew there was so powerful mojo at work here.  So I had to be serious.  So Sunday afternoon I started wearing my favorite socks.  I have worn them every day until early this morning.  I also have been getting up on the opposite side of the bed.  It has been confusing to Keith as I climb over him each morning.  He has thought naughty things but I have told him NO as VICTORY sex is worth the wait :).  Oh and it was.  He scored a honerun last last night.  A grand slam even.  I even bought and have been reppin’ the Cubs colors both on Kik, Facebook and as I have run around.  There are a lot of Cubs fans out there by the way.  They all want to talk to you to.  The insanity!  So I will admit that was a pretty awesome coneback.  I should have asked for more than dinner at Ruth Chris.  I clearly didn’t realize the power of my mojo.  I was happy to help my friends and the Cubs win the World Series.  Last night was certainly one of the craziest most exciting games ever.  #GoCuba #GoatIsDead