Secret to Happy

At the end of the day what really makes us happy is being with those who make us smile and laugh.  You know you have found true love when after 20 years he walks in the room and you can’t help but smile and you laugh freely.  Laughter is truly the best medicine.  


I am looking outside and am amazed at the beauty. After snow on Christmas morning and more snow yesterday the sun is out. It is bright and sunny and probably cold. (Haven’t been outside) It just looks amazingly awesome on the mountains and in the trees and all over our yard. I love it when snow is like this. Before it melts and gets all crispy and dirty. Today the beauty warms my heart and I’m smiling. I’m glad I got out of bed today.


I think there are two things in this world that would immediately make people more happy.  One is not money.  Money does not bring lasting happiness although I will admit it is nice to have and painful to be without.  But tonight I wanted to talk about two things that make all the difference in the world.  First is just be kind to others.  Smile at people.  Smile and laugh whenever possible.  There is something that happens to us by just being kind.  I am a big believe in Karma.  What you put out comes back 100 fold.  Look for opportunities to bring joy into anothers life and your life will be full of happiness.  Now this little trick requires us to look outside of ourselves.  Be a little less selfish.  But in most cases kindness is free to give, doesn’t really take much time, and the return is huge.  The second way in my opinion to bring happiness is have a whole bunch more SEX.  If your married and your not having sex at least 2 or 3 times a week you need to step up your game.  Sex brings you closer, its intimate, fun, releases endorphins and makes you happy.  It is pleasurable and helps us deal with stress.  Sex makes you happy. I think it would do us all some good to have way more sex.  Can you imagine what the world we live in would be like if there was more sex.  It would be way easier to smile.  🙂  Be kind and make sure you are spending some quality time playing in bed.