Go Time 

Well it has finally arrived.  The First Day of the Holiday Event Sprint.  I enjoy it but dread it.  I am grateful I was able to get some sleep on our flight back to Utah yesterday.  I was so hungry when we landed.  We dropped in at Red Rock Brewery and I had a New York Steak Salad and Brewed Rootbeer.  It was so good.  I had 3 glasses.  Keith was like where is it going?  Ha ha!  We got to our place in Park City then went out for some groceries and came back and watched Star Trek Beyond.  That is such a great movie.  Fun watching on a big screen with surround sound on a comfy couch with a blanket.  Leads to things!  Naughty things.  Can you say Sabotage?  I don’t think I have ever had sex to the Beastie Boys cranked that loud!  Link below for your pleasure.  Although I doubt you enjoyed it as much as I did.  

Sabotage Scene 

I truly do love the Holidays I just have to push through these events to get to my Holiday Joy.  This is what I have ahead.  

  • 19 days
  • 20 events  
  • 5 days of two events
  • 3 Sundays with my kids 
  • Star Wars with my kids opening night 
  • Exhaustion 

So at that point I’m psyching myself up for Go Time.  I can do this it’s just another sprint!  Eat well, plenty of rest, a smile and it will all work out.  I tell myself this very thing every year.  It helps ❤️  On the other side of Christmas is 5 days with my BFFs and their families over New Years!  We are all looking forward to that.  I am grateful beyond measure for the opportunity to do something I am good at.  So ready or not here I come.  #GOTIME