Disney’s Mistake

Spoilers ahead for Star Wars Solo







Okay I liked Star Wars Solo but like Episode 7 and Episode 8 big blunders kind of take away from the films brilliance. I give credit to the film I just think Disney needs to tighten up their story telling so as not to distract a very smart fan base. With that said they will still make bank on this film.

So here is the mistake. It has to do with a timeline. The big reveal of Darth Maul as the man behind the crime syndicate was a big surprise however this dates the movie pre Episode 1. If this is the case Han would be an old man, close in age to Obi Wan Kenobi, by Episode 4. We know that isn’t the case so although a melt your brain type of reveal, Disney traded sensationalism for story integrity. Anyway enjoy Solo, it is a fun movie. It could have been an A film, but that error cost it in my mind.

I even tried to rationalize it that this was post Episode 1 as Clone Wars and Rebels reveal Maul is still alive. His story arch however doesn’t indicate he would have been behind the crime syndicate, that I remember, so that just doesn’t fit. Anyway what do you think?


Apparently Solo falls in the Clone Wars timeline. When he and Savage were involved in the crime syndicates prior to taking over the Mandalorians. Guess my memory wasn’t right on this.

The Greatest Weekend

I am so excited. This is like the most awesome of awesome weekends in 2017.

Awesomeness cubed

So here goes. Friday morning we are headed to Utah early. We will be staying at my favorite place in Sundance this trip. We can ski in and out of the property and this will be our first stay we get to do that. Makes for a fun day and plenty of hot chocolate breaks lol. Friday night is our annual Christmas Movie with clients and friends. This year the movie is The Last Jedi. I can’t wait to see everyone and to see the Saga continue. I have been telling everyone there is some huge reveal in the movie. It is going to be EPIC!

Saturday we are having an early dinner at Tucanos then the BYU Utah basketball game. Rise and Shout Cougars! Beat the Pukes! Going to enjoy my 4 inches of Cougar Tail and milk at the game and we are going to make some noise! Sunday we will go to our old Ward. Will be nice to see everyone else. I can’t believe 2018 brings two years since we moved. Happiest of days reunited with friends.

Monday we will be skiing as I mentioned. Glad they have enough snow to finally open. Monday night we attend the Forgotten Carol concert at UVU. This is one of our favorite things to do. This is the 11th time but first in a couple of years. It will be a fun evening with friends and family. If you are unfamiliar with Michael McLean’s Forgotten Carols make the time to go see it. If you can’t buy the CD and Book. Uncle John will bring such Joy into your life. Here is a link to The Forgotten Carols.


The other thing I love about this concert is at the end everyone sings Together Forever. It is so powerful and such a way to set the stage for Christmas. Here is the video.

Together Forever

Tuesday we will sleep in, have a big breakfast and then head home. I can’t believe the stars lined up this way for “The Greatest Weekend of the Year.” But they did. Now if BYU wins it will be perfect. Go Cougars!

Christmas Care Package

Christmas in the MTC.  What do you send your missionary?  His companion?  His district?  I have never done this before.  I definitely didn’t want to do what all the other moms do.  So I pondered.  I spent days thinking what would be truly unique and memorable.  It finally came to me and this is what I did.  I decided on the levels of Christmas for our missionary, his companion, and his district.  I also heard they love dōTERRA and have been using his like crazy.  So our missionary got a Lego Star Wars Bionicle thing, some candy bars, a BYU t-shirt, a new tie, some socks, a framed pic of the family  and letters from everyone.  His companion I sent a tie, a Lego Star Wars Bionicle, the Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint dōTERRA kit and a tube of Deep Blue.  His district each got a tube of deep blue, a wild orange, Christmas lights for the rooms, chips and salsa to feed Zions Army, Oreos in a variety of delicious flavors and a plethora of candy bars.  The crowning gift was a stocking for each of them with their names in gold glitter.  We slipped their doTERRA gifts and some candy canes in each one.  The really good flavored ones!  I love these missionaries because our son has grown to love them.  I hope they each find joy in spending Christmas in the MTC.  I probably over did it.  The box decorating was classic and I’m sure he knew it was me when he saw it.  Had big bold letters like candy canes saying done open till Christmas Day!  I am so excited!  That may be the biggest single care package in MTC history.  But it brought me Joy in doing it.  I just want pics!   

My Christmas Plans

My first goal this Christmas season is not to get sick!  I go so hard with work this time of year I find myself at risk, but this year I’m desternined not to succumb.  Now on to the plans.  My family will be here on the 16th.  We have been renting out a theater for the past 5 years for my event clients, friends and family.  This year we will see Star Wars Rogue One. The Megaplex is preparing for us!  Jake has been given some assistants because everyone will be asking for him in concessions.  He is excited to see us again it’s been a few months.  

It. Will. Be. Epic!

Keith and the kids will stay with me through the weekend at the Casa in Park City.  I do have an event on Saturday evening but other than that some quality time with my family I miss so much.  We are going to meet new peeps in the ward here to.  Will be like psych we aren’t really moving here lol.  Monday the 19th they will leave for San Diego and driving down to attend the Poinsettia Bowl.  I have events Monday and Tuesday but will fly out late to join them.  Wednesday we hope to see BYU crush Wyoming! 

Thursday we are kinda playing it by ear.  We may stop a night in Las Vegas to see a show with the kids.  I wonder if David Copperfield is still playing.  If not we may just stop in St. George for a day.  We do plan on being home by Friday night.  It is our first year at the Homestead in Idaho.  My parents are coming up and it’s just us and movies, treats, games and if there is enough snow for Christmas…snowmobiling.  My parents arrive on the 24th.  On the 28th we leave for Park City again to spend 5 days with my besties and their families at the Casa.  We plan to go skiing, tubing and more movies.  I have so many treats to make!  I have mistletoe, scones, hot chocolate, and scotcheroos to name a few.  It is hard to imagine but we want to have our greatest Christmas ever even though our missionary is gone.  That is what I am looking forward to more than anything else.  I get to see him via Skype for an hour.  A whole hour!  I will let you know how it goes.  🙂  Take some time to make this your best Christmas ever.  Tell someone you love them, kiss under the mistletoe, give your kids an extra big hug and eat like it’s your last meal.  ❤️  Oh and Star Wars!

Love Christmas Break

The tree is up…best I have ever done!  Rivals anything at the Festival of Trees.  My Corporate Christmas Parties are done…14 in three weeks this year.  I had my catch up day and today is the official start of my Christmas.  Starting it off right with Star Wars tonight at 7:00 and yes we are all overly excited.  The whole family is going with a bunch of friends.  Tomorrow BYU beating Utah will cap an amazing weekend then dinner with Keith.  Christmas shopping starts Monday.  Holidays.  Then back to work Febuary 1st.  I am so happy!  I survived another Holiday run.