Back to Zion

We decided Sunday we wanted to come to Utah this week.  Really wanted to go on the MTC Tour, experience the Void and hike Stewart Falls.  So we left Tuesday around 10 and joined Mandy, her family and her parents for the Tour.  Her parents scored us some tickets, never ever complain about connections.  Definitely fun to do the tour with her Dad.  We got to talk to the MTC President and got our pics at the Map.  It feels like a small college campus, so happy for our missionaries.  Incredible artwork in the new building.  If you haven’t been definitely take the time.  Rare opportunity to visit the MTC unless your a missionary.  Funny thing when we walked through the cafeteria I think ever Elder there stopped eating to look at our girls.  Keith and Brad stepped in front of them lol.  After the MTC Tour we hit Tucanos!  The new location is nice.  I so miss Tucanos and still working on one for Idaho Falls.  They cannot deny me forever.  They even remembered me and we got all the pineapple we could eat.  Yes we left a very generous tip.

This morning we had a Doughnut and Juices breakfast.  The entire Juice family attended breakfast.  We had Apple, Orange, Grape, Pineaplle and Grapefruit.  We all had a good time.  Homemade doughnuts always make for a fun start.  Then we headed for Sundance and Stewart Falls. One of our favorite hikes.

Tonight and tomorrow we are going to stay up here.  Fortunately Keith and his brother were able to get most of the time off for some end of Summer play.  Kids have all had a blast so far.  The place we are staying the next couple of nights is AWESOME!  So we are heading back to town to go play at the Void with some friends then back for BBQ and games.  If I have any energy left we may watch a movie.  I’ll probably be asleep by then.  Glad I’m not making dinner tonight!  We will either stop at the outlet at Point of the Mountain or run up to the Park City outlets before we leave to finish up school shopping.  The boys still need a few things.  I ♥️ Summer!

Summer Nights 

One of my favorite things about Summer is the socializing.  We have the time and the evenings are longer.  We probably have 2 or 3 nights a week where it’s just us.  The other nights we invite peeps over or go out and do something.  BBQ is probably our favorite way to cook on Summer nights.  Keith is very good.  We often will invite friends over and grill up dinner and play cards or pull out the telescope after it gets dark and stargaze.  Even just sitting out on the deck and talking into the night is great fun.  

Summer Begins

This is going to be the best Summer yet.  School is officially over.  Spring event season wrapped up Thursday night.  Keith’s parents arrive this afternoon.  So now all there is to do is finish up a few things to ready the Homestead for 3 weeks without us.  Going to purge the fridge, give a key to the young lady that will come feed the cat, and finish packing.  The kids are excited.  The dog is excited.  Although I don’t think he realizes he isn’t going with us.  He will get his own grand adventure with grandma and grandpa.  He is a little spoiled, so I’m sure he will not be happy.  Hopefully he forgets in 3 weeks lol.  We have never been away for 3 weeks before.  We had considered 6 weeks but that just seemed way too hard.  With other Summer activities it was just a nightmare scheduling.  So remember it is Summer and go make some memories.  I am so excited!  


Catching up on some things running through my mind.  First, I really want San Antonio to take down Golden State.  Go Spurs!  Universe please grant me this wish.  Second, I love Summer.  Not because it is my favorite season, it is because I take it off.  I am so looking forward to sleeping in, staying up, hikes, movies, sight seeing, dolphins and anything else adventurous that crosses our paths.  Summer 2017 lets have some fun!  Third, Trump.  I’ll be honest here.  Trump is no fool despite what the Left would have us all believe.  His tweet yesterday about Comey not releasing any tapes was the ultimate example of how he plays the media and drives the Left to insanity.  There is no tapes and he knows it, but no one is talking about Russia anymore lol.  Well played Sir.  Wikileaks has even offered $100K for these tapes that don’t exist.  Fourth, BYU Football is in 105 days.  Almost there!  Fifth, driving after midnight is never a good idea.  I need to write this down so I’ll remember it.  I made it home but 2 am, yeah not going to do that again anytime soon.  Sixth, finally going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Monday night.  I think we may be the last people in America to see this.  It has been a busy couple of weeks.  Seventh, when dressing up to play ball there is nothing wrong with looking your best.  I mean why not!  Eighth, my 7th grader is doing Math that I didn’t do until High School.  I think it’s awesome, but I think your Dad can help with that.  Ninth, we get a whole hour to talk to our missionary tomorrow.  A WHOLE hour.  One of the other Prom Moms was like we only get 30 minutes.  I felt the rage.  It was tangible.  Make it a good 30 minutes!  Tenth, someone is getting laid on Prom Night.  It is kind of fun being the parent.  You get to get crazy!  

July 2015

July for several years has been the heart of our Summers.  So much to do and only 31 days.  Never ever enough time.  With family leaving today to head home here is a recap of why July is so great!  What we did…the List

  • Visited Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, and Park City and Bear Lake in Utah
  • Laser Tag
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Hikes including the Y
  • Razors up in the mountains
  • Jet skis
  • Paddle Board and yes I stood up.  ❤️’d it!
  • Kayaking
  • Games sooooo many late nights and afternoons of games 
  • James Bond Spectre
  • Sold a house
  • Bought a condo
  • Bought a house
  • Condo warming party
  • Sex
  • Set up a condo 
  • Birthday party 
  • Ate soooo much food
  • Swimming pool multiple times
  • Family pictures twice 
  • Slept in, stayed up late, didn’t sleep at all
  • Played more games
  • Had more sex, almost got caught lol
  • Made new friends 
  • Got a refill of hot chocolate!  Thanks Steve
  • Shopped downtown Park City
  • Ate lots of Ice Cream
  • Went to the Temple 4x
  • Dessert at the Chocolate
  • Watched some of the GOP Convention

Still to do before end of month

  • Girls Camp starts tomorrow
  • Jason Bourne
  • Star Trek Beyond again
  • Start packing 
  • Group party with friends
  • Being released from YWs next Sunday
  • More sex when I get home 
  • Sons mission call is coming Yay!!!

It has been very busy but I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  We have had the most amazing Summer!  Feeling tired and blessed.  Keith and I were laughing when we woke up today.  Was like did we just sleep most of the day!  Was awesome!   ❤️