Back to Zion

We decided Sunday we wanted to come to Utah this week.  Really wanted to go on the MTC Tour, experience the Void and hike Stewart Falls.  So we left Tuesday around 10 and joined Mandy, her family and her parents for the Tour.  Her parents scored us some tickets, never ever complain about connections.  Definitely fun to do the tour with her Dad.  We got to talk to the MTC President and got our pics at the Map.  It feels like a small college campus, so happy for our missionaries.  Incredible artwork in the new building.  If you haven’t been definitely take the time.  Rare opportunity to visit the MTC unless your a missionary.  Funny thing when we walked through the cafeteria I think ever Elder there stopped eating to look at our girls.  Keith and Brad stepped in front of them lol.  After the MTC Tour we hit Tucanos!  The new location is nice.  I so miss Tucanos and still working on one for Idaho Falls.  They cannot deny me forever.  They even remembered me and we got all the pineapple we could eat.  Yes we left a very generous tip.

This morning we had a Doughnut and Juices breakfast.  The entire Juice family attended breakfast.  We had Apple, Orange, Grape, Pineaplle and Grapefruit.  We all had a good time.  Homemade doughnuts always make for a fun start.  Then we headed for Sundance and Stewart Falls. One of our favorite hikes.

Tonight and tomorrow we are going to stay up here.  Fortunately Keith and his brother were able to get most of the time off for some end of Summer play.  Kids have all had a blast so far.  The place we are staying the next couple of nights is AWESOME!  So we are heading back to town to go play at the Void with some friends then back for BBQ and games.  If I have any energy left we may watch a movie.  I’ll probably be asleep by then.  Glad I’m not making dinner tonight!  We will either stop at the outlet at Point of the Mountain or run up to the Park City outlets before we leave to finish up school shopping.  The boys still need a few things.  I ♥️ Summer!

Sundance Film Festival 

This year we decided to host a few parties ourselves for clients, friends, and family.  I have done some events at the Sundance Film Festival for others in the past but never one for us.  It has been sooooooo fun.  Arrived Monday after braving the trek down from Idaho.  Mostly good roads but some bad weather. Stayed at the property Monday night by ourselves.  This place is HUGE!  Enjoyed some time in the hot tub and the insanely awesome home theater.  Slept in Tuesday and after some breakfast and errands Mandy arrived.  Caterers arrived about 2 hours before and by 6 we had a steady flow of guests until about 11, then everyone finally left about 1 am.  We expected a big turnout but 400 in a night was a busy night.  I think we were all exhausted from playing social butterflies.  We had a 7 and 9 pm movie in the theater running as it was a film festival.  Lots of finger foods, some we ran out of, but fortunately we had enough food to get through the night. We did not serve alcohol but everyone seemed to have fun. After some clean up and 1 am we crashed.  Mandy slept with us but too tired for any play.  I woke up and thought it was Thursday until later in the morning.  It was a total shock and relief to realize it was Wednesday.  I was already mentally preparing to do the second event that night.  We hit Kneaders for breakfast and went back and had a nap.  Wednesday afternoon we had our Sundance fun which included Pizza on Main Street, a movie, concert and some dancing.  I love to dance.  Ended up back at the property and Keith got quite the show.  Mandy and I were having a very hard time keeping our hands off each other.  Behind closed doors it was a surrender to Lust.  OMG she tastes good!  So here I am at 5:30 am on the real Thursday.  Several incredible orgasms last night.  I am pondering being selfish and waking her up….    

What is ahead?  Another party tonight and tomorrow and then Saturday, a day of fun with friends and family.  I think Saturday most are planning skiing.  This property is a Ski-in/Ski-out home.  I’m tempted to ski but most likely will sit out still. We are both excited  to see our kids.  Friday and Saturday will be so much fun.  A few of the group will go to the BYU game Saturday night.  I may slip away for that.  Sunday morning we will be up early and head home. Next week I am going to relax :). 

Off to see the Wizard

Last night my friend Sarah and I took our older kids out for a night on the town.  We went to dinner and then we went to Sundance and saw The Wizard of Oz in the amphitheater.  It is such a fun place to see a at or musical.  Dressed warm and with some of my favorite people we had a great time.  After the play we stopped for a treat, took kids home, and Sarah and I had a little adult time in the car.  That was also a great time!  I honestly love to fool around in a car.  It just is so fun to find a place to park and the thrill of it all.  She tasted amazing and OMG she made me cum several times.  She definitely knows how to use her fingers.  

Summer Fun 2015

We have been having so much fun.  Family has been here from Texas and with cousins and fun to be had we have been having a blast.  We have done the Aquarium, Planetarium, Zoo, hikes, movies, fireworks, games, more hikes, swimming pools…yes more than one, the Dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point and ice cream there to.  We still have Lagoon to do, more swimming, more games, hikes and fireworks.  We are planning a Bees game.  We know how to do July!  🙂  yes I’m tired.  I will try and catch up on my blog.  Sorry to those that have been checking in and nothing new.  Now you know why.  Have a great July and enjoy it to the max!