Not sure how many of you have ever tried a Sybian before but they are awesomely orgasmic.  Video is included below for reference. LOL. So basically yeah.  HMMMM where to start.  Yes Carmen Electra describes it well.  My husband gave it a Star Wars droid name of SY-BN.  We thought it was funny so it kind of stuck.  When Mandy, Sara and I get together every once in awhile…well most of the time the SY-BN cums out.  We have this little competition we often do that is like mechanical bull riding in a bar where you try and stay on as long as you can.  The others or sometimes one of the guys controls the ride.  Yes it can get very intense.  Right now Sara has the record.  The SY-BN causes very intense, wet, multiple orgasms and at times name calling.  Best ever was from Mandy when she cried out “Bitch you did not just do that” as she came so hard she fell off.  She needed Gatorade, she was drained.  It was one of the greatest sexual moments ever.  I so wish I had that on video.  So take it from me, you have to try one of these.  Sybians are not cheap so talk a friend into buying one.  I have been saving for one but honestly I don’t think I would get much done if I had access to a SY-BN daily.  I got horny just writing about one.  ūüėá  I have rarely ever cum so fast as I do when using one of these.  

SY-BN video


The Best Sex Toy Ever!  My friend Sarah bought one of these recently and yeah we have been over playing with it.  Needless to say it’s pretty freaking awesome.  Just putting it out there that even though I can enjoy hers I wouldn’t mind having one.  So Keith hint hint!!! Sybian feel free to contact me about a free gift.  I’ll even blog about it and what attachments I like best.  ūüôā  just saying I really would. if you want to check this out.  I am quickly becoming addicted.  Some addictions are quite good for you.  One added benefit is your friend can control the speed which is kind of a fun bonus.  This is worth the money if you like to cum.  


There is this vibe called a Rabbit. ¬†Girls if you haven’t tried one you must. ¬†You can buy one at if you need a good place to order. ¬†Basically it has a shaft that inserts and it rotates and and some thrust and then it has these ears that come off the shaft. ¬†That is why it’s called a Rabbit Vibe because of the vibrating ears. ¬†The ears tease your clit until you orgasm. ¬†I can tell you those ears are incredible. ¬†I honestly cum constantly using one. ¬†Love love love it. ¬†Guys this is the perfect gift for your girl. ¬†Mine broke so I’m shopping for another right now guess that was my inspiration tonight. ¬†Another toy I really want to try is a Sybian. ¬†Honestly I keep telling Keith to get me one but they are not cheap. ¬†I want to try one bad though. ¬†Anyone ever use one?