Girl’s Night¬†

So last night six of us hit the town for a girls night in Idaho Falls.  We did a Temple session then to Chilis for their brownie and cookie skillets.  I even called ahead to make sure they didn’t sell out of them.  I let them know I was bringing 6 girls craving chocolate and it might not be a good idea to disappoint.  They said they would make sure we were taken care of.  After two hours in the Temple we were ready to party some.  Lots of laughing and anyway they moved us to the corner away from everyone to “isolate” us from disrupting others lol.  I mean really?  We weren’t like that loud.  Oh well we tipped well and they said we could come back.  I have found it a good practice to always ask if we can come back.  It creates an opportunity to be remembered and they learn your name.  You can get anything in this world if they remember your name ūüôā 

Halloween is coming!  My annual Scare Spectacular is just around the corner.  I have been hard at work planning my costume and I think this year I will be a Vampres.  Sexy but modest is my mantra.  So I have begun making my outfit.  Kids are still deciding what they want to be.  This year I have decided to plan a special scare for the adults.  Something that will probably have a greater freak factor for them than the kids.  So I will have a few red balloons ūüéąaround the house and on the property.  I have hired a Clown that will look like Pennywise.  Ha it should be fun.  Don’t wander off by yourself ūüôā  This is going to be an awesome event.  We will be able to use a section of the Barn for a Haunted House.  It is looking like another fun year!  

Last Getaway 

This has been a fun week and we managed to get a Last, Last Getaway in. ¬†Wasn’t planning it but sometimes things just happen. ¬†Tuesday I took my little guy to lunch and then we hit Walmart for a new video game. ¬†He was very happy. ¬†The boys ended up playing it the rest of the day until we made them go to bed. ¬†Keith and I were able to pull a few strings and get a place in Jackson Hole for a night. ¬†Wednesday morning we, including the dog, headed to Wyoming. ¬†He was very happy. ¬†Got there around 11, walked around a bit, then had lunch and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family. ¬†The place we stayed had an awesome home theater, so we ended up watching a movie and having Root Beer Floats. ¬†I was chewing on some Bit O Honey candy and my crown came off. ¬†Fortunately it was a tooth I had a root canal on so no pain. ¬†Keith went to get some glue for it and Monday the Dentist gets to take care of it the right way. ¬†Kinda sucked. ¬†We had breakfast then headed home. ¬†Ended Thursday with a Cub Scout Pack Meeting. ¬†I got my last Bear pin. ¬†Here is some pics of the property we got to stay in.

Friday I took our 13 year old to breakfast af IHOP. ¬†We ordered extra bacon! ¬†Always fun to negotiate for bacon, not just two slices. ¬†Go big, like 8 slices! ¬†After the bacon, I mean breakfast, we went to get him some new church shoes. ¬†I think he was hoping for a video game. ¬†I was like shoes are good right? ¬†He reluctantly agreed. ¬†Keith and I hit Smiths for mass quantities of food. ¬†Lots of Utah peeps to feed. ¬†Smiths was definitely busier today than usual with the Eclipse coming. ¬†Took the kids to the pool this afternoon. ¬†Was nice to relax for a couple of hours. ¬†Keith’s parents and his brother & his family are coming in tomorrow and some other friends wil be trickling in Saturday and Sunday. ¬†I told the Sunday travelers to leave early.

Tomorrow is our 22nd Anniversary. ¬†We decided to go out to dinner tonight as tomorrow will be insane. ¬†Was going to go somewhere really fancy but ended up at Texas Roadhouse. ¬†I had the Filet Mignon and Shrimp plus a Virgin Margarita! ¬†Tomorrow morning we are going to the Temple. ¬†Should be back before family start to arrive. ¬†Then tomorrow night we are doing a BBQ and outdoor movie Remember the Titans. ¬†I am only doing Sacrament meeting Sunday because I need to be here when our friends start to arrive. ¬†Keith says I’m cheating leaving early. ¬†I told him I had it approved by the Bishop. ¬†He just shook his head lol. ¬†He has to stay. ¬†Bishop didn’t approve him leaving early. ¬†Checkmate! ¬†Monday is the Eclipse as I’m sure you are aware. ¬†We are in the 60 mile wide band of Totality. ¬†I guess it is a pretty big deal. ¬†We will even have a little Camp City at the Homestead. ¬†Friends started calling last week asking if they could come up. ¬†What else can you say? ¬†We turned it into a party. ¬†Big breakfast planned for Monday morning. ¬† ¬†It’s going to be so good with lots of bacon.

Finally, ending the Summer the way I started it. ¬†Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I are headed back to Hawaii. ¬†We have dŇćTERRA classes and training on Oahu plus a class on Maui. ¬†I am very excited. ¬†Our business is growing there and it is not a bad place to be wanted. ¬†Beach, sun and some naughty fun. ¬†ūüėá ¬†Stay tuned.

Post Vacation

You know when you get home and you just need time to recover?  That did not happen for a few days.  We had a groundbreaking on Wednesday and guests started arriving Tuesday and more Wednesday morning.  Tuesday night we had a BBQ and stayed up late chatting.  Wednesday was the groundbreaking event.  Grateful so many came out to celebrate with us.  Most left Wednesday late afternoon, but those that stayed we had another party.  Ordered 20 pizzas and had rootbeer floats and just chilled while the kids played in the dark.  I think I fell asleep a couple of times.  Finally around 12:30 pm Thursday everyone was gone.  I love family and friends but I think I bit off too much for one week.  The return trip from vacation, guests, groundbreaking and another night of guests did me in.  ūüôā  Thursday I declared Jammies Day for myself and that’s exactly what I did.  Friday I got up and went running then we had a movie day.  We saw Cars 3, then went to Costa Vida for lunch, then we hit Pirates of the Caribbean.  Both awesome movies!  Need to catch a few more next week.  Saturday was the Idaho Falls Temple.  It just recently reopened after 3 years of renovation.  It was so nice having it open, Rexburg is always so busy.  I went on another long run Saturday, then we went four wheeling.  Today was nice seeing everyone at church.  We even had our Home Teachers this evening.  Right now I am making BLTs.  Seriously I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow.  I haven’t even thought that far ahead.  

The Big Island 

This has been the most relaxing part of our vacation so far.  Less adventure but plenty of beach time.  We are staying in a property right next to the Mauna Lani Resort at Pauoa Bay.  So we have access to the Resort and all the amenities, plus our own private beach as well and oh we have taken advantage of it.  This has been our view for the past week.  

My parents arrived Wednesday late afternoon.  They went to bed pretty early, that four hour time adjustment is a beast.  We did make it back in time to see the sunset.  I quote my mother here “breathtaking.”  She actually cried.  It was one of those moments I will never forget.  

My parents haven’t enjoyed a “real” vacation in decades.  My daddy retired this past year, then had surgery, now finally starting to enjoy retirement with this trip.  I’m so glad they came.  After they went to bed Keith and I went to the store for groceries and then over to the resort to enjoy the some night life.

Thursday we had no plans.  The kids and I went exploring the Resort.  Spent time at the beach and the pools.  Had a virgin margarita and scheduled some massages for Friday for my mom and I.  Bought some souvenirs.  

Friday morning we went to the Kona Hawaii Temple.  The older kids and I did baptisms.  My mom stayed out with our youngest and they slipped away for ice cream after a walk around the grounds.  After baptisms our daughter drove the kids back and we did a Session with my parents.   

Friday afternoon my mom and I enjoyed 90 minute hot rock massages.  OMG it was sooooo good.  The wet sauna was a great way to finish our spa time.  The eucalyptus was a nice touch.  It was a very, very good day.

Oh I almost forgot to tell you!!!!   I Finally got a tan.  A real Hawaiian one.  I was walking by a mirror and stopped dead in my tracks, had to look twice.  I had to run and show Keith and yeah.    He may have explored my tan lines lol.  Maybe this one wlll last longer since it is was a kiss from Hawaiian Sun.  Yay for me!  

Saturday the men went golfing early.  The rest of us had a lazy morning.  Went out for some treats after lunch and then I booked some activities for the remainder of our trip on Kauai.  Saturday night we enjoyed a Luau and entertainment.  Loved all of it but the fire dancing was incredible!

Sunday we attended church in Waimea.  The Saints are so kind and friendly.  Waimea is about 30 minute drive East.  

Monday was our grand adventure.  We left around 9 am and drove to Hilo.  We drove inland there, past the Mauna Kea Forest Reserve, and back via the coast.  The 90 minutes was about 3 hours each way with a couple of stops.  We had a helicopter tour that was about an hour that just blew my mind.  It is surreal to think that Hawaii is a volcano.  I mean there is actual lava flows and it is active.  I would highly recommend Safari Helicopter Tours.  The pilot was great and despite a little anxiousness it all worked out.  

Tuesday came too quickly.  We had a big breakfast then started on the checkout list.  Keith ran my parents to the airport and to turn in the Suburban.  We took the shuttle to the airport and joined him for our flight to Kauai.  One tip I now know.  Island Air and Hawaiian Airlines both offer flights between the islands.  They are both good Airlines.  Island Air flies at lower altitude because of the type of plane they have.  This is good because you can really enjoy the views.  However all their flights go through their hub in Honolulu.  So flying from Maui to the Big Island you go first to Oahu.  Then from the Big Island to Kauai you go first to Oahu.  It is a beautiful flight but takes much longer.  Hawaiian Airlines has direct flights which take like 30 minutes to an hour instead of 3 hours.  In the future I will use Island Air for flights to and from Oahu but Hawaiian Airlines from the other islands so I don’t have to fly into Honolulu for the stop.  Just passing along some experience lol.  ‚̧ԳŹ. Kauai your up next.  Praying for good weather.  Fun to be had.  

The Drop

Time heals broken hearts as well as hearts that are tender.  Sometimes more quickly as you pray for peace.  It has been an emotional roller coaster this past week for me.  Dropping our missionary off was no easy task.  The absolute most wonderful reason in the world for doing so but infinitely the most painful 2 minutes of my life.  Crushing.  This is how I would describe it.  I could not breath, as I sobbed, while Keith drove us away.  We did get family pics at the temple grounds.  Advice from a friend was “he is ready and excited to go, don’t drag it out.”  So we said what needed to be said, I got a very long hug, we then drove him over to the MTC.  Pulled up to the curve, got out, quick hugs and he is off.  He never looked back as it should be.  My daughter recorded a video.  I am sure I’ll watch it again and again.  I love him so very much.  God Speed Elder.  ‚̧ԳŹ