Such a tragedy yet again on American soil.  That POS Obama again refuses to call this attack what it is and to assign blame where it belongs.  ISIS owns it but our own President blames it on guns.  Unbelievable.  Clinton who wants to take away the second amendment also blames the guns.  Can the liberal left be any more stupid than they have continually proven to be?  On all fronts and issues not just today.  But as further evidence of why they can continue to get away with this, lets look to Facebook.  Already I see Remember Orlando with the American flag and the gay pride flag blended together.  I mean seriously wtf?  I get that this attack happened in a gay bar, the next one may be in a church, mall, school just like the past attacks have happened at a corporate Christmas party and the Boston Marathon.  We as a people have so segregated ourselves that we have to gayify this attack.  Let’s make it about a hate crime against gays not against Anericans.  People ISIS and all Islamic Terrorists hate Americans in general.  They don’t care if your gay, Christian, white, black, Mexican, democrat, conservative, male or female.  If your American and will not join them, they want you DEAD.  To be so stupid as to continue to segregate yourself as anything but American shows how naive you really are.  Watch Facebook over the next couple of days and watch them politicize this as a hate crime and not an act of terrorism.  Like sheep we continue to be led to the slaughter.  The day is coming that Patriots will finally be pushed too far and the reality of the fight Radical Islam has picked is going to come down as Hell unleashed upon them.  Obama will not be President much longer and I do not believe Hillary will win.  I am so looking forward to a shift back to a reality, not this bizarro world nightmare that we seem stuck in.  


My heart goes out to those families whose loved ones were massacred by demons in California yesterday. I do not understand all of the details as to what happened but I believe it was at a company Christmas party. Any news of killing makes me sad, this situation hits too close to home for me personally. We live in scary times. So much hate in the world. What’s missing? Empathy…where has it gone? Men become animals when they are past feeling compassion for others. Men become monsters when they are consumed by hate. We are living among monsters. I am saddened that the day is coming when God fearing Americans will start hunting down these monsters. Our government has betrayed us and can no longer, nor are willing to take the war to them. It will fall upon those that shouldn’t have to fight but they will and it will be a slaughter. If the enemy knew what was coming they would be begging for peace.