Thanksgiving Day 2017

Woke up at 5 am today. So much to do so much I want to do. Keith had the flu hit him hard and fast last night. I love him but wanted to avoid the morning snuggles. This girl does not need the flu. Scotcharoos, pies, and cake are baked. Keith’s Mom is making her famous fudge today. I am still being trained in this great dessert art. I have not yet been granted the title of mastery. Maybe next year! Votes were taken last week over what pie flavors were wanted. The four chosen with the most votes were Apple, Key Lime, Lemon and Cherry. The fifth is a new pie recipe I found that I am super excited about. Here is the details.

Salted Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie

I know it is going to melt brains today. I mean I get the classics everyone wants but you gotta get a little crazy during the Holidays! I’m all about that lol. We have two turkeys and a ham. One deep fried bird the other oven baked. The Ham is pineapple glazed with plenty of rings and chunks of pineapple. It is going to be a Feast. I have started the scones and hot chocolate and juice for those up already. Kids have been excited for the parade as well. I ♥️ Thanksgiving!


This Thanksgiving was a very special one.  Our first at the Bear Lake family cabin.  Keith’s  parents have been wanting to get a cabin for years.  Their hope was to get one up at Sundance but it never materialized.  This past Summer we came up here for their 50th anniversary and rented a cabin.  Needless to say they fell in love with Bear Lake and while there we went and looked at a few.  The rest is history.  

We got here a few hours early on Wednesday and got started decorating the deck with lights.  The banister with lights and put up the tree with lots of lights.  Wednesday night we decorated the rest of the tree with the kids and watched the BYU basketball game.  Thanksgiving was wonderful with lots of food, treats, games, a nap, Napoleon Dynamite, and even a holiday walk.  Friday a run, great conversation, more games, some exploring and Guardians of the Galaxy!  There was also an epic game of Risk that lasted well into the night.  Saturday the boys left for a day of BYU in the great Land and City of Provo.  Although it wasn’t the win in basketball we had hoped for against UVU, Keith said it was one of those moments you realize something pretty special is happening.  So he enjoyed the rain of threes and marveled lol.  They stayed until half way through the third quarter of the BYU Football game against Utah State and shivering decided to get a lead on the rest of Aggie Nation heading back to Logan.  I think those of us that stayed back were the smart ones as they got back very late.  They did have lots of fun and they  also brought back 3 extra Cougar Tails!  💙  Sunday everyone slept in.  We had a special fast this morning for our missionary.  Hard to have one away but we love him.  This morning we had our little psuedo branch of 19.  We all gathered in the living room dressed in our church clothes.  We began with prayer, followed by three youth speakers, one from each family, and Keith’s mother finished up.  We then finished with a closing prayer, broke the fast, and had hoagies and soup for lunch and Cougar Tail for dessert!   Tonight we are having another feast. We brought steaks to BBQ and will have baked potatoes, fruit salad, and corn on the cob. Afterward we will have homemade ice cream for dessert.  I am very excited for the cinnamon ice cream. 🙂  

The Thanksgiving weekend went too fast.  Everyone is heading different directions tomorrow.  Keith and I are off for Florida then back to Park City for a couple days before returning to Idaho Falls.  His parents are taking the kids home and spending the week with them.  His sister and her family back to Texas and his brother and his family back home in Utah.  A few college kids back to their lives as well.  Family is a wonderful blessing.  Sometimes it would be nice to hit the pause button.  So very grateful we did for a few days at least.  My hope is that it was a special time for all.  Thanksgiving truly is a gift if we don’t miss it.  

Thanksgiving 2014

We are staying home this year. Plans of games, movies, eating, and the annual family walk around the block burn a few calories and not to fall into a turkey coma. Who wants to sleep away Thanksgiving? Our day is filled with card games and board games and usually a star wars movie thrown in. We will go see a movie at the theater if anything is out worth seeing. We boycott retail and shopping not just for Thanksgiving but also for Black Friday. Honestly there is just not anything we want enough to trade off our time with friends and family. It is far too precious to save an additional 20%. What are your Thanksgiving plans? We have many close friends traveling this year. We almost decided on taking a trip ourselves but being in a new home decided to spend our first Thanksgiving here at home. I’m thinking next year maybe a cruise. God bless everyone and I hope you make time for those that matter most.