Tonight you get a free hour.  For most Americans Daylight Savings in the Fall means an extra hour of sleep.  Not a bad use of that extra hour.  It does raise the question though of how do we spend our time?  We exchange time and money for everything we have.  I hope we aren’t as reckless with our time as we tend to be with our money.  You can always make more money but time is finite, use it wisely.  Make moments and cherish the memories.  Money won’t buy you happiness but it does make the journey easier.  Time spent wisely results in happiness.

Busy Living vs Living Busy 

There are two kinds of busy.  Busy Living and Living Busy.  What is the difference. The person living busy tends to be ruled by an imagined or determined set of responsibilities.  They are more in the chasing game of life.  Chasing kids, chasing promotions, chasing recognition.  The busy-ness of this individual is like a badge of honor.  The sacrifice of one self to the alter of busy-mess often comes with success but also great cost.  I am not saying these busy people have failed in the important things.  Many are highly successful and balanced.  Some of the best men and women I know are Champions of Living Busy.  They have succeeded in having a quality life.  However, it tends to be the exception to the rule.  Busy Living on the other hand focuses first on priorities, second on self.  The person Busy Living has the same responsibilities of family, faith and work but values and priorities drive time not time driving priorities.  Is there really that significant a difference?  Yes.  When time controls you it tends to gobble up your life in chunks.  Where does time go?  You are always looking ahead to what’s next.  Maybe that vacation will let you catch some rest.  Busy Living is focusing on now.  Time tends to lose its grasp on the individual that is in the moment.  You have time to laugh, cry, stay up late or get up early.  Our calendars are more flexible and we tend to work off lists rather than hours.  Moments and experiences are how we measure our happiness not in results.  I am sure many wonder how does she find the energy to be so busy.  I have a passion for living and the energy of moments never seems to run low.  We all have a limited amount of time to work with.  Time can be bent to our will and forced to slow down.  Let go of tomorrow or the next thing and fully explore today.  ❤


If you are seeking Heaven on Earth you simply have to control time.  Imagine a world in which time was yours.  Financially there wasn’t deadlines and commitments demanded of you.  You were in control of how you spent your time.  You had the means to pursue the things that are meaningful to you and with those important to you.  Free yourself from the demands of time and you will discover Heaven.  I have had a glimpse.  I want to spend more time there ❤.  It’s an irony of agency that the only currency that really matters is time.  You don’t need to be rich to choose wisely.  

This Moment 

Right now at this moment I’m feeling anxious.  Extremely anxious.  Something happened this morning that could have been much worse.  My kids are safe and enough time has passed since this morning that I realize how lucky those two were.  I think when the anger, shock, surprise wears down and calm returns it will be ok.  Right now it’s like OMG.  I don’t understand why but this whole thing triggered this.  It feels opposite of what I should be feeling.  Even though I’m feeling grateful and blessed the darkness has been chasing me all day.  I have tried to sit down and watch a show on TV and I couldn’t focus.  Tried reading the scriptures and I couldn’t focus.  I don’t even think right now I could make myself have an orgasm.  Didn’t even realize I hadn’t eaten anything all day.  I started a diffuser with some doTERRA essential oils and I think I’m going to go for a run after I eat something.  I don’t want to surrender to this.  I have found myself starting to cry a few times today and I don’t know if they are tears of joy or sadness.  The darkness creates confusion.  I’ll escape it, too many things to not be anxious about.  Maybe just putting it out to the Universe that I want help may be enough.  Maybe 10 miles of running will do it tonight.  Running is a quasi focus type of activity.  Focus and escape at the same time.  I think I need some frankincense along with the other essential oils.  The console is calming.  Can you even be calm when your kids almost died?  Maybe it’s ok to freak out.  I am thinking that trying to be calm is suffocating me.  I really need to eat something before dinner, I don’t think I can wait.  I have oranges, they look good.  I am very grateful.  They are good.  Eff the darkness I’m going to be fine.  

Play Time

We seem to all be running around after busy kids and all the things in life demanding our attention.  Sometimes it seems we are too tired or do not have enough time for sex or its a quickie so we can fall asleep.  I like everyone face those same challenges of priorities every day.  We all have only 24 hours in a day.  Frankly if I could I would make a day 28 hours.  I could really use 4 more.  :). I will say this though.  Making time for some play with your guy or fwb is so worth it.  Not just enough time to do it but time to really play.  Like make out, touch, tease, oral, couple positions, etc.  You can get off more than once just need to stay awake guys.  Give us a chance. I’m not saying every time you have to block out a few hours but make sure you are doing it at least once a week.  Play time is like truly the best time of your week.  Don’t put it to the bottom of your list.  It will improve all aspects of your life.  Everything.  I think in today’s world that has so much to offer its not necessarily a choice between good and bad.  It’s more often the choice between good good better best.  Those are the confusing decisions when you have lots of good choices.  Make sure you create enough time for that which matters most.  Even if you lose some sleep those midnight rendezvous or afternoon delights will a relationship make.  xoxoxo Angie