Have you noticed how busy everyone is?  Seems so many wear busy as a badge of honor.  I even caught myself a couple of times this week commenting on how busy I am.  Granted it is a busier week than usual.  With a family full of sick children and a husband starting a new company the days and nights have been long.  I definitely have felt greater stress and demands on my time.  I have found less me time than I usually enjoy.  Not that I have a lot but the little I have seems to have evaporated quickly.  It is the way of life.  Finite amount of time but infinite possibilities to use it up.  I guess what I’m saying is I don’t like being busy.  I think it’s a poor excuse as to how we choose to manage our time.  Every minute we burn is a choice we make.  Sometimes we don’t use time wisely.  It’s not that every minute has to be work, or in the service of others.  It’s okay to waste time as well it’s our choice.  I just think when I say I’m busy for me it’s saying I don’t feel in control of my time.  Others are in the pilot seat and even if it’s those I love the most in this world it is a feeling of having no control.  That is where I have been this past week.  I am at everyone’s mercy dictating my time.  I had to cancel a meeting tomorrow, a trip next week, and who knows what else.  I am going to get everyone healthy and take back my time.  On a second note of busy.  The first being external and short term the second being a choice by you.  Don’t be so out of control busy that you are a bad friend, absent spouse, disengaged parent, inactive in the gospel, and no time for you.  Life isn’t lived on a full calendar.  It is lived off it with those you choose to be with.  So the next you say your busy remember that only you choose how to spend your time.  If it’s not what you want change it.  Being busy is your spirit saying enough.