Excellent Adventure

Today has been so fun!  A most excellent adventure for Keith and I.  We got up soooo early to catch our 6:30 am flight to NYC.  We had a couple of hours layover in Denver.  Had time for a good breakfast.  Checked in with the kids.  Keith’s parents arrived about 1 so they were ready for them when they got home.  At 10:30 am we boarded the flight for NYC and I got a nap and chatted some.  Since I was by the window I got to see some beautiful country at times.  We got in to NYC and there was a driver waiting for us.  Our last name was on one of those white boards!  I have never had that experience as a VIP type of thing.  I mean there he was, he saw me recognizing our name and he just instinctively knew it was us.  He was very nice and he helped with my luggage.  Keith stlll had to pull his along.  Did I mention I was reppin’ my BYU tee and jacket?  I felt like everyone was looking at me going hey BYU that is cool!  I was smiling at everyone lol.  I think I embarrassed Keith.  

Anyway we got in the car and headed for the West Village of Manhattan.  We are guests for two days at this 4 story townhome.  It is amazing!  We have a private garden, a private rooftop.  It also is part of this condo tower with a couple of restaurants and a doorman, a gym, a spa, a private theater for special events.  We got the tour you know?!  I don’t know how people have so much money!  It was unbelievable.  Oh i was talking to the doorman.  His name is George and he is from Brooklyn.  Very nice.  I told him I was from Idaho but it was our secret.  He said he would not tell a soul.  We talked about Idaho.  He has never been to Idaho or the mountains of Zion.  I told him he must.  He said he might. I told him he should.  We are now friends and planning a trip.  He wants to come out to see our barn we are going to build.  He said he could be the doorman for my grand opening!  I am like OMG that would be so cool to have a professional doorman.  He said I should.  I said we must.  So yes we are going to make it happen.  George was sooooo awesome!  I have one friend in NYC now.  He was so kind.  He said I was a Ray of Sunshine from the West.  

Next up is dinner.  They are taking us to some steak house here at 8 so we are leaving soon.  They asked what kind of food we wanted and I’m like a really good steak.  They were like no problem.  So I am interested to see if it’s as good as Lombardis in Green Bay.  (It was!) That was the best steak I have ever had.  So I have high expectations as they promised it was one of the best places in Manhattan.  I have been here once and I still think it’s like visiting Coruscant.  So crazy.  I❤️NY!  

Fur Babies

Ok, some of you may know we have a couple of pets.  I have a small dog and a cat.  They get along!  It happens.  When we first got the dog, I swear the cat could have eaten him.  He was like the size of a bird.  He is still small probably weighs 10 pounds.  They are my babies and they love each other and me…I mean us.  The family.  With this move, which can be traumatic to pets, we had to make arrangements.  Keith’s parents live in North Utah County so they agreed to take our little guys.  They took them Monday morning almost two weeks ago before the movers showed up.  We spent a couple of days there with them before we left for Park City, then on up to Idaho.  It was hard to say goodbye as they were confused.  I think animals know when something is going down and they definitely did.  We said our goodbyes.  I told them to be brave and good for their grandparents and off we went.  We called them and face timed twice.  They were excited to hear us.  Not sure they figured the whole phone thing out but they did hear us.  Today my in laws brought up our other car and my fur babies.  I woke up and all day have been excited.  They got here about 3:40.  They were late, but the excitement and reunion was EPIC.  I was a little worried because they have never been on a road trip other than to the vet.  But they pulled up and we were all outside and when our dog saw us….holy cow the crazy was on.  He jumped out the window and hugs and kisses were had by the dozens.  He was crying.  Like weeping and shaking.  He got so many loves from everyone.  I had to get some lavender on him because honestly thought he was going to have a heart attack.  So we got in the house, the dog ran from room to room with the kids and found everything.  The cat was acting aloof, but he made sure he has his groove on and I got kitty kisses and then he went full purr.  I have never heard him purr that loud.  I should have recorded it.  He wouldn’t leave and I fell asleep listening to him.  So family is all reunited and everyone is happy.  We had lots of new treats and toys for them.  The whole spread on the kitchen bar.  The cat inspected everything and gave me his approval.  I got the MEOW, the good one.  It was a great day despite being under the weather.  I missed my fur babies.  ❤️


Went on a girls trip with Mandy and Sarah to San Diego.  Not quite as warm as I had hoped.  Arrived Sunday afternoon and spent some time at the pool and had a great dinner and then virgin drinks by the fire.  Went to the room and had as much fun as 3 naked girls can have in a king size bed :). Monday we got up at 8, enjoyed the breakfast buffet then wanted to hit the beach, but it was too cold, so went for a 5 mile run instead.  We decided to do the spa Monday after lunch and all I can say is wow wow wow.  The massage was for 90 minutes and honestly the best I have ever had.  My legs were wobbly lol.  On a side note let me tell you about the suite.  It had living room with a great balcony with seating.  There bedroom had this bed that was so soft and the sheets…OMG it was fun!  The bathroom suite had A huge steam shower and the tub easily fit us all.  It was very cool.  Anyway on with the story.  Monday night we did a little shopping after dinner and another night in our soft bed.  Tuesday another run, buffet, and the beach finally.  It was mid 70s and very nice.  I just love laying out on the sand listening to the ocean.  Not something you can do in Utah.  Pretty easy night on Tuesday.  Just relaxed and more virgin drinks and the hot tub.  The bartender was making us all sorts of tasty concoctions but they were alcohol free.  I can’t even remember the names.  Wednesday flew home then worked to get ready for my second event of the season.  Not as big as last week so it has felt easy.  Anyway I love a girls getaway it was nice.  I will say this…very few things better than having both your nipples sucked at the same time.  Mmmmmm!

Vacation Fun

Sometimes you take the kids and do the family thing like to grandmas and grandpas or Disneyland. Sometimes you do the romantic getaway like Cancun or a cruise. My favorite vacations are always with friends. Especially my two BFFs! I mean you love your guy and want to spend time with him because he’s your best friend and all. But isn’t it more fun to be in a group? It’s like game nights. A game of backgammon or chess is fun and can lead to strip rounds but game nights with friends can be a hoot. Anyway I’m off topic thinking about strip backgammon…it’s been awhile.

So we went to California in 2012 and was able to get some nice rooms. Had a few days away with just 3 couples. Anyway we did the beach, went dancing, spa, beach, touring, universal studios, beach. (Yes beach repeated 3 times). It was like 4 days and 3 nights. Well honestly I think this was the most fun trip ever. Each of the 3 nights we swapped spouses. So the guys moved rooms. We made them move because we make the rules of the games we play :). So only rule was no penetration. The days were fun and the nights even a bit more. No one could talk about what happened during the nights until after the trip. We didn’t have any group fun at all it was just totally innocent with your spouse from breakfast to dinner or when we called it a night then we swapped. Guys went and got their stuff then we joined them after. I guess you would call it a soft swap. I can’t even begin to tell you what our girls get together was like after we got home. I think we talked about what happened for 4 hours. That was like the opposite of being on the trip where nothing was said to you spill everything. It was kind of strangely hot wanting to ask your husband how it was going? Was he having fun? You couldn’t though. Totally was barred from the topic of nightly activities. We didn’t even get any one on one time together with our spouses for four days. We have never done that again but I think I would like to. Except one change. I think we would rent a beach house next time. Even though rules were no talking about the fun who is to say hearing some gasping and screams wouldn’t be hot. Anyway probably one of the best trips ever. We have done some sort of trip together about every 2-3 years since college with all of us. I have done a couple of trips with just us girls. A few trips with just two couples. Lots of family trips. We did one family trip with all 3 of our families. That was a lot of fun to, but totally innocent, nothing crazy. I am convinced vacation time helps with liking each other. Aloha!


I’m home. Keith is home. It was fun reuniting with him at the airport. Crazy week with him going one direction and me another. But it happens. So excited to be home and to sleep with my guy.