12 Monkeys

Ok I am totally addicted to this new show on Syfy.  It is the best show I have watched since LOST.  Keith and I are watching it together and it has everything.  Army of the 12 Monkeys, Primes, the Traveler, the Witness, the Red Foreat and tall grass.  I am so not exaggerating when I say this is MUST see TV.  I am just like wow.  I even turned to Keith today when this crazy thing happened in how the Witness communicates in the past.  Well I turned to him and was like “no way, fuck me.”  He laughed at me because I was in shock but he wanted to take me up on it.  I said no because it was only like half way through the episode.  This was episode 5 of season 2 so when you get there you will know the fuck me moment.  So what was I saying?  Oh yeah 12 monkeys is sooooo good.  I promise you will like it.  I have several friends that are way into it now.  I tell everyone about it.  I mean everyone!  My hope is that the producers of the show will be so impressed by my efforts I’ll get a guest spot.  It is possible.  I never say never.  I could so play a prime.  Except I would survive because me and a paradox might be a little too much.  Unless it was a season cliff hanger.  I might consider that.  Did I mention paradoxes?  Yes they have those to!  I am not joking when I say this show is amazing.  There is a virus that kills 7 Billion people to.  Don’t forget 12 monkeys.  Season 1 can be found on Hulu, season 2 on Syfy.  

Oh here is a trailer of season 1


and here is the season 2 trailer


No excuses!

Plasma TV

Looking to buy Keith a new TV and sound system for our Theater. Any suggestions on what to get? I want to surprise him but have no clue. Or where would you suggest to go for help shopping for his birthday gift?


Have you seen this show?  Our family is hooked on it.  From the same people that did LOST and we loved that show to.  Just great storytellers.  I love a good story and after this weeks episode I’m dying to know what’s in Lubbock Texas.  Will Aaron actually get some answers?!  They may be great storytellers but they certainly are not good about giving us answers.  Seems for every answer we get there is three more questions asked.  So if you enjoy some great TV this is one truly awesome show.  Oh and I would so do Monroe he is totally hot.  I loved the episode when he and Matheson were younger and he ended up doing his best friends girlfriend.  Those two have a crazy relationship.  I actually think that Charly is Matheson’s daughter.  It will all be revealed.  🙂