First toy

When I turned 16 my 20 year old sister gave me my first dildo for my birthday. She told me not to tell our parents but to enjoy it. She had answered some questions about sex I had had and she told me about masterbation so she knew I would probably be interested. I was just totally nervous about it. I mean seriously a 6 inch dildo seems huge compared to a finger or even two. So I would use it to suck on for practice and to rub my nipples with it. I would tease my clit with it and wedge it in the hole but it took me almost a whole year before I finally fucked myself. I was just scared. When I finally worked up enough horniness and courage. I’ll admit here I had a little buzz from some alcohol that night and a hard core make out with my boyfriend. I got home about midnight and was so horny from being fingered and having my breasts played with and nipples sucked I needed something. Started playing with the dildo and pushed the head in. Been here before so that wasn’t a big deal but being so wet and determined I pushed it in and OMG it did take my breath away but it didn’t really hurt. Once it was in I fucked myself nicely, had a great orgasm, but other than being a little sore the next morning it was awesome. Didn’t stop me from using the dildo the next day. :). Anyway I loved that dildo it was 6 inches and pink with a nice head. Not too thick. A good first toy.


It goes without saying that a guys first time is pretty awesome. For us girls it really depends. I had a great first time but I know others may not have. I have dipped with several guys as their “first”. It amazes me how fast a guy can cum especially if they have had some great foreplay as well. Virgins I typically have fooled around with bare. For a few reasons. First I don’t want them to thick since they have a condom on it’s livens to go further. Second I just think they should feel their cock in a pussy first time bare. Just my opinion. The downside is they have like zero control. None. Nada. Even just a dip with the head they are drooling cum like crazy. A couple thrusts through the hole and they are goners. It’s amazing to experience a guy cumming the first time from sexual play. Not always good of it’s in you and he doesn’t have the timing or control to pull out. Of the 8 virgins I have played with 6 came in me. Just got so lost in the moment. Total lack of control so be prepared if you are a guys first. Definitely use birth control because no matter what they say they are totally unprepared for sexual pleasure.


After Ricks College we transferred to BYU.  I was so excited to be in the big city of Provo.  There was so much more to do.  While going to BYU my friend Sara knew of my wild streak and that Keith found it hot when I flirted and fooled around.  Ever have a friend that you just tell everything to?  Well she is my BFF.  She hadn’t gotten married yet and was still having fun.  Not that I wasn’t but I was married now and although having a lot of sex there is still the excitement of making out with someone new.  Sara introduced me to one guy that she had made out with that she said was a lot of fun.  We flirted a bit but he was a little nervous to do anything because I was married.  After she had another heavy make out with him she was like you so should hook up with Angie.  She would totally be into having some fun. Guess it worked because the next week was a holiday and I ended up going to his place to watch a movie.  His roommates were gone and Keith was excited since this was our first adventure since being married.  I had him in a class as well so we had gotten to know each other pretty well.  We got to making out and abandoned the movie.  Great kisser and I took my shirt, bra, and garment top off so he could play with my breasts.  God he was good with his hands.  I undid my pants so he fingered me.  At this point he wanted to go further and so did I but totally knew we couldn’t fuck.  I think me being married he was just totally in a sexual high.  I told him I wanted to play naked but we couldn’t fuck but if he was good I might let him get it wet.  His cock was throbbing he was so excited .  We took off everything and went to his twin bed.  He laid down and I got on top.  Started with just grinding on him.  His cock was flat against his stomach and I just slide back and forth on the underside of his cock.  He was between my pussy lips and I made sure he was hitting my clit.  Felt soooooo good!  He ended up cumming after about 20 minutes but was still hard.  (He was a virgin by the way).  So way horny and I was having fun.  We swapped positions with me on my back and he got between my legs to grind.  After a few minutes I told him he could slide the head in but no further.  He I reached down and guided him to my hole.  Glad I had a hold of him because had I not I’m sure he would have thrust in.  Virgins are a little risky to play with because the sensation is the best feeling in the world as it’s been explained to me.  He so wanted to fuck but I made him pull out by promising to give him head.  I swear that was the fastest blow job in history he came so fast.  I think he just was in sensory overload. 🙂 I played with Jake a couple more times that semester he learned a little more self restraint.

Engaged Fun

I had a second chance to fool around while I was engaged during the Summer time. Our wedding date was in August and since we met at Ricks College we weren’t from the same place.  We both had to go home and work for the Summer in preparation for marital bliss. We talked almost every day.   Back then we didn’t have the luxury of text messages or even the internet.  It was writing letters…pen, paper, and yes a stamp or the phone.  I think we had a pretty expensive phone bill that Summer.  We were engaged though and had important things to talk about.  I went home and on some nights would hang out with friends like everyone does.  Well one night after everyone was getting ready to head home from hanging out I ended up having a heavy make out with one of the guys I went to school with.  He had always flirted with me we just never did anything because I had a boyfriend for a big part of high school.  First night was just in the backseat.  Hot and heavy and steamed up the windows. I told Keith about it the next day and he was pretty turned on.  I thought it was only going to be the one night.  Obviously the guy wanted to hook up again and Keith was all for it to so we went out again.  Second night bonus was he got head.  I know he liked that.  I got fingered and we both came.  He wasn’t LDS and wanted to do more.  I was thinking dip but again he had had sex before so wasn’t sure he would agree to the boundaries.  I didn’t go out with him for another week.  Keith and I had talked more about it and he just said if you want to go have fun just let him know you don’t want to go all the way.  So I talked with him and just explained that I wanted to have fun but wanted to get married a virgin.  So there had to be limits or we couldn’t play again.  He reluctantly agreed and so we got together again.  This time we were at a party.  I didn’t really know anyone and we snuck off to a room.  Ended up down to underwear, lots of foreplay and grinding.  Felt amazing but eventually he slid my panties to the side and started sliding up through my pussy lips and teasing my clit.  I came just from the foreplay alone I was that turned on.  He had a nice cock and started teasing my hole with it.  Dipped the head in a couple of times and just kind of shallow fucked me with it.  Just in and out deep enough to have the head inside.  I had dipped before but that was the first time I had experienced thrusting.  Even though it wasn’t deep it felt soooo good.  That was also the first time a guy had buried the head in past the ring several times.  Most of my previous experiences dipping were just the head getting wet in the opening.  Maybe just the feeling of it starting to go through the hole.  As you can imagine this new sensation of feeling it in was mind blowing.  He finally after a few dips in…had to cum.  He pulled out barely and shot all over my stomach.  We ended up fooling around one more time before I ended up leaving to go get married.  The last time was in his bed.  I was on top that time and was riding the head.  I took a little bit of a chance that time in that I was on the pill by then since I was getting married so instead of pulling off him I let him shoot in me.  I had been on the pill about 3 weeks at that point and felt safe and I really wanted to feel it.  I know he wanted to pull me down and bury his cock in me.  So it was a delicious torture for us both.  He had a nice cock.  He was pretty thick and had a big head.  Totally loved feeling it slide in and out.  I like a big cockhead.  They are the best to dip with because to dip it in you get a little more.  More like 2 inches to get it inside.  Very intense feeling for us girls when the head slips in and you can feel the shaft.  Not sure if I am unique or not but I can totally feel the difference between a big cockhead and the shaft.  Love it!


So most people fantasize about something.  A new bike, a girl, a vacation for examples.  A common fantasy I have noticed in talking with guys is the MFF threesome.  Funny how that seems to be the universal guys fantasy.  Is this correct?  I was thinking today when someone asked what my fantasies were that I have a few.  Some I have done…others I may never do.  I guess that is what makes it a fantasy.  So here are a few of my favorites.

1. All Girl Orgy.  Toys and hot girls and well yeah I think it would be fun.  I have done bi with a few friends and I like it.  I am sure this would be very intense,

2. Seduce an 18 year old.  Especially if he were a virgin.  Would be so fun to go young but there is limits.

3. Gangbang…5 or so guys taking turns.  I’m sure that could be pleasurable.

4. I love swapping when we are at make out parties.  I think swapping for fucking would be soooooo fun.  Can you imagine?

5. Not on the pill.  Not saying I want to get knocked up by another guy but I think taking the chance would be insanely erotic.

Those would be my top 5 list.  What are your top 5?  Fantasies are that possibilities in a perfect set of circumstances.  I can only imagine the orgasms from these though.