The Eclipse and Hawaii

Ok no need to bend my arm for a business trip to Hawaii.  Our dōTERRA team there is thriving.  We have some wonderful new friends in Hawaii that have caught the vision of essential oils and the support we offer is critical to their success.  So as we started the Summer, we ended the Summer.  In Hawaii!  

The highlights of the week included the Totality Eclipse in Idaho Falls.  Many descended on our little paradise.  Some for several days.  But it was an incredible Solar Episode.  I made that term up, just saying 🙂  Here are some pics, I won’t take credit for, as they are not mine.  They were taken by an amazing photographer we know.

Tuesday Mandy, Sara and I left for Hawaii again.  We got in about 2 pm Paradise Time and prepped for a team party.  We had a catered event which included fire dancers.  Super fun night.  Included a little training, lots of fun, amazing food and FIRE!  Here was my room at in the property we stayed in at Kailua Bay.  

Some naughty things happened in that bed!  The first night, by the time everyone left, we all were like Zombies.  I don’t even remember falling asleep.  Wednesday night and Thursday night we had some more training and classes.  We rotated teaching and honestly we rocked it!  Wednesday we also went to see Jack and Chip.  They are such smart dolphins.  Totally remember you and had a bunch of questions.  We swam and played and talked.  I told them all about the kids and dōTERRA and the Homestead.  They would love to visit but no oceans but they loved hearing about Idaho.  

Wednesday night we finally had some girl time.  I don’t think I have ever been so hungry for pussy.  The double dildo came out and we made up for lost time.  I love really wet sex.  I fell asleep and woke up and Mandy and Sara were going at it.  I joined in again and Mandy fell asleep.  I don’t think Sara slept at all.  I lost count of my orgasms.  We slept in Thursday and then slept on the beach recovering lol.  It was good, very good.  Friday we caught a flight to Maui.  We had some of our team with us so no naughty play on Friday night.  
We had a dōTERRA class on Friday evening at the property we stayed at in Wailea.  Some of our friends in Kahului came down as well.  We had so much fun and fed everyone.  You do that in Hawaii.  Feed those you care and love.  I’m all about tradition and entertaining.  By Saturday afternoon everyone had left and we had our last hoorah.  Below is my room, the pool and view.  This property was literally like staying in a garden.  I love this place.  

The problem with Sex is when you have it you want more. All week after coming home I have been craving pussy.  I think my favorite sexual activity with girls is the double ended dildo.  It is just such a naughty, deliciously decadent, thing to do.  We also brought a strap on and a rabbit.  We each had to put one in our suitcases to be fair lol.  I’m sure the airport peeps were like WTF?!  Lol   

I love attending church when traveling.  It is fun meeting new peeps.  After church we headed bank to Oahu to spend the night at our friends home.  Monday we flew home, Keith gave them their back to school Father’s blessings and kids started school on Tuesday.  I got up early to make their favorite breakfast.  Then had to crash for several hours for a nap.  Was so tired but proud of myself for making their first day special.  Another Summer in the books and now my focus is on the Barn and a couple of Fall events.  Hoping for an Indian Summer.  



Well I think I finally arrived to the Vacation Zone.  That place where you just are not worried about anything and haven’t checked emails for a few days and you are totally ok with that.  🙂  

We are staying in a beautiful quiet place close to Maliko Bay just east of Paia, Maui.  We arrived late Friday evening, grabbed some groceries and dinner and got settled in.  The pool here is amazing!  I could totally do a pool at home.  As a matter of fact I fell asleep on a lounger I was so tired.  One of the things we wanted to do was go on the Piilani and Hana Highways and see that side of Maui.  I had heard the drive is so beautiful but pretty slow going.  Sharp turns, pretty much a gravel road at times and single lane.  This was what we spent doing most of Saturday.  Some pics below.  

We stopped at Bully’s Burger Shack for a late lunch.  That was truly a Shack lol.  Good Burgers though.  Truly a breathtaking afternoon and the rain held off.  Just some light sprinkles.  

Sunday church was at 9 am so drove in to Kahului.  I had forgot it was Fast Sunday so had made a big breakfast.  I don’t normally share my testimony when traveling but I think with such a warm welcome and the intense beauty we had witnessed on Saturday I had to share.  Wonderful Saints in Maui.  We had our first truly relaxing day Sunday.  Caught a nap, enjoyed the pool, watched a movie and had a great dinner.

Monday we spent time at Hookipa Beach which is about 10 minutes from where we are staying.  We had dinner at Rock & Brews in Paia.  Wings, pizza, and burgers plius these rootbeer floats which were $8.95 each.  Seriously dinner was over $200.  It was a fun place and busy.  After a day at the beach though you are hungry.  

Tuesday we went exploring again this time down in Wailea.  I have heard from many it is the best place to go on Maui.  There are so many places I’m sure it is just one of the best.  Wailea did impress.  

One of my favorite things is how open to the outdoors these homes are.  You open entire walls up to the outside.  It’s like sleeping outside.  Sex outside. 😇  We even have an outdoor shower as part of the Master Suite.  This property even has two bathrooms in the Master Suite.  One for each of us.  It is crazy lol.  We leave here in 7 hours and I thank the Hawaiian Gods for sparing us the rain and giving us many memories.  

We are off to the Big Island of Hawaii and my parents will arrive later today.  I can’t wait to see them and so happy they are coming for their first real vacation in many years.  Oh I almost forgot!  Sunrises and Sunsets.  WOW!