I am grateful for wifi on airplanes.  Definitely helps the time pass.  Seven hours without would be tough.  You can only sleep so long.  I got up at 4 am this morning.  We arrived at the airport just after 5 am.  I appreciate that Keith always parks and takes me in and makes sure I get my bag checked, my boarding pass and through security before he leaves.  It just makes me feel happy.  I don’t often travel alone but when I do he always does this.  Flight was at 6:30 to Salt Lake and once we landed I had a breakfast burrito and bought some snacks for the next flight to Honolulu.  In the air over the ocean right now and there is a lot of ocean.  I do have a window seat so hoping for some great views.  I have one meeting over lunch after we get in, then spending the afternoon with my friend.  I saw there was rain in the forecast this week so hoping that maybe we get lucky and some sun makes an appearance.  Crazy the two days of sun and fun are my travel days.  Dear Universe, just putting it out there, but do me a favor and show me some love.  ❤  I will be on Oahu today and tomorrow.  Wednesday we will be on Kauai and Thursday Maui.  Back Friday to Oahu then Saturday headed home.  Tried to build in some relaxation time despite the business that has to get done.  Actually I did build in some relation time lol.  Keith is on his way to Las Vegas with friends for the WWC basketball tourney.  I hope BYU wins this game so he can see BYU play in the championship.  He is home Wednesday and owes his parents big time lol.  

Another New Week 

Wow that weekend went fast.  I love Sunday afternoon naps but the downside is in the moments of closing your eyes and waking up the weekend disappeared. I almost wish Sunday came first then you could have a full Saturday before going to Monday lol.  Just a thought, it probably wouldn’t work.  I am excited for this week.  Super Tuesday should be interested.  Starting to work on 3 March events for work.  The NCAA basketball tourney.  It’s just an awesome time for all great things.  Might even have good weather to start working on the yard.  The best thing today was taking the young women to the Provo Dowbtown Tenple.  Loved the special tour for our girls.  I am excited for this week and for March.  Have a great week!  


I have an event here in Salt Lake that started yesterday. Overnight events my clients offer a room if I want to stay on site.  Last night Sarah came up for a sleep over.   It has been weeks since I have had some fun like that.  Meaning several orgasms and sleeping naked.  Sarah got here a little after 9 and after some apple pie, milk, and ice cream from room service we broke in the bed.  One of the things I have been wanting to try is fisting.  We have done it with three fingers but never like the whole hand.  I guess we only have done fingering lol.  So we did try it last night.  Got close but I think we were both too scared to actually go for it. But what we did was soooo good.  Love being that horny and feeling stretched.  After a night of kissing, scissoring, oral, and fisting (or a close as we dared)!I can honestly say I am feeling very satisfied today.  I hear there is a trick with the thumb or something you have to do.  Guess maybe we will figure it out.


I’m home. Keith is home. It was fun reuniting with him at the airport. Crazy week with him going one direction and me another. But it happens. So excited to be home and to sleep with my guy.