Texas Tour

“God blessed Texas with His own hand. Brought down angels from the promised land. Gave ’em a place where they could dance. If you want to see heaven, brother, here’s you chance. I’ve been sent to spread the message. God blessed Texas!”

I will admit I have been a little anxious about our Texas Tour. I know most of the leaders down there from Convention. Mandy and Sara had recruited them and placed them below me. Last year I finally decided to get serious about dōTERRA and it has been so very awesome. But a lot of what I have been busy with has been building in new markets. Not so much where things have been established prior to my involvement. Texas has been asking us to come down. It takes some planning but we finally pulled it all together and it exceeded all my expectations. Texas you Rock! Yes this is how Texans view the world. (:

Flight left Idaho Falls at 7:30 am. Rendezvous with Sara in SLC and we were off to Houston. After getting our car, bags and something to eat we were off to Sugar Land. We had several meetings in the afternoon there at the Hyatt Place and that evening had a light catered dinner at a beautiful home in Sugar Land where we had our class in their back yard. It was a warm beautiful night. We had a good turnout and had some success and laughs. We were exhausted by the time we got back to the hotel. Travel days wipe you out. We both woke up at 4 am and were all over each other. Hot passion is the best way ever to start a day. After breakfast we were off to San Antonio. We stayed at the Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk. I highly recommend it the next time you visit San Antonio. I loved the atmosphere and the meetings and class went great.

Afterward a bunch of us went for dessert. There is this place called Boudro’s on the Riverwalk. The waitress recommended the Double Chocolate Brownie, Creme Brulee or Warm Winter Berry Cobbler. We ordered several of each and passed spoons around. The Double Chocolate Brownie is delicious but should come with a warning label. One person should not eat one, it is tag team eating.

On the way back to the Hotel we passed by Coyote Ugly. We did not have time to stay unfortunately, but we did take a couple pics and I bought a tee! Definitely want to come back and dance on the bar! Yes those are Bras. Not ours!

We went back to our sweet suite and finished up some stratagem with our San Antonio friends on placements and enjoyed the view of the Riverwalk from our balcony. They left around 11 and the minute the door closed Sara and I were all over each other. I was still horny from earlier in the day. Sara brought a vibe, I brought the double ended dildo and we may have been heard down on the Riverwalk.

Friday morning we were up and off to Waco after breakfast. Waco is a beautiful and fun town. Waco is also home of one of my all time favorite shows, Fixer Upper, on HGtv. It is probably good I don’t live close by. Budget would be blown at Magnolia. Sara kept me focused and I only got one hour of shopping. But I told her next time she had to give me bonus time here. We had a really good class Friday night. Some peeps stayed really late strategizing again so we crashed hard. I’m going to admit something here. A big reason we built a Silo on our Barn is because I love the Magnolia Market. It is an incredible place to visit. Silos are super cool!

Saturday we got to sleep in a little longer then grabbed some breakfast and headed to Dallas. This was the big day. We had peeps from all over the area coming to our training and party. Our venue of choice was the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. Historic and the perfect location and ambiance. Sara felt strongly in changing up some of the music we play during our Tour. We have both been extremely touched by the music of The Greatest Showman. I have heard it was eight years of work and commitment in bringing it to the big screen. It is inspiring, magical and powerful in its message. We started the event with The Greatest Show which quickly got everyone’s attention, A Million Dreams accompanied my presentation. The Other Side, This is Me, Never Enough and Tightrope played between the sessions. We wrapped things up at the end of the event with From Now On after some closing remarks.

We had a break for dinner at 6 pm and the “Supers” Party started at 8. I went as Harley Quinn and Sara as Lara Croft.

Mandy and her husband joined by video to say hello to everyone and we had the Duke North Carolina game on as well. The highlight of the night was we had a band playing for us to do Karaoke. Live Karaoke is a thing. We had the screen for the words, we had back up vocals so we didn’t sound too bad! It was the most fun Karaoke night of my life. Absolutely amazing singing with a band. We had prizes for the best performance and the best costumes by category. Villain, Hero, Original and an Overall winner. Best performance was a guy that sang Faithfully. OMG everyone went nuts he was so good. The band was like here is your winner. When the band calls it, you know. Our costume winners included The Mummy as Villain, Mystery Inc of Fred, Daphne, Velma and Shaggy and their Scooby stuffed animal the Heroes. One of the ladies came as Green Lantern, she took home Original and our Overall winner was The Incredible Hulk. Now keep in mind the room was predominately women and he was pretty darn sexy and he was green. He could sing to. I mean we can’t be blamed for being won over.

Our Karaoke songs were I Will Survive, Living on a Prayer, Uptown Funk, Shake it Off and Sweet Caroline. Sara made me sing Shake it Off by myself because she couldn’t stop laughing. Sweet Caroline the whole room joined in and Uptown Funk we pulled our leaders up there to join in. Things wrapped up around 11 and Sara and I were each given a Texas flag signed by everyone. It is a treasure I will have displayed in the Barn. They were so kind. It was a very good day.

Sunday we were up early, which I may have been murmuring about after my alarm went off. However, it was worth dragging myself out of bed. An 80 minute hot rocks massage to start the day and then we caught brunch with a few of our peeps before heading to the airport. As I reflect on the past few days here is what I am taking away. People are searching for good things. They are seeking simplicity and harmony. Not everyone for sure, but many are. It is rewarding to be able to share something that can lead there. DōTERRA in itself is not the answer but certainly a tool that provides direction. In seeking wellness To mind, body and spirit it is very well aligned. Four Days, Four Cities, dozens of people enrolling, and a couple hundred continuing their journey. Tears, laughter and even a few orgasms had by a couple of us. It has been an inspiring couple of days.

2 thoughts on “Texas Tour

  1. One night, in the depths of winter,
    from the north two angels flew.
    Bringing hope and happiness,
    to friends both old and new.

    Tour was fast and full of fun,
    though dancing would have to wait.
    New stop each day, no time to stay,butf
    Woah! What dessert is on that plate?

    But in the end, when all was done,
    the last hug given, the last song sung…
    love was shared, hope was spread,
    smile Texas big and enjoy your bed.

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